Chenille ScarvesLooms:
Schacht Looms:
Weaving and Spinning Housecleaning pages (great site for used looms):

Handweaver’s Guild of America:
Vermont Weaver’s Guild:
New Hampshire Weaver’s Guild:

Yarn Suppliers:
WEBS (LOTS of great yarns):
Halcyon (more great yarn):
Green Mountain Spinnery (A local treasure):

Other Great Resources:
Weavolution (everything you ever wanted to know about weaving!):

Local Hotels:
The Hampton Inn, Brattleboro, VT. (When making reservations, tell them you are coming for one of my workshops and they should offer you a discounted rate.)

The Putney Inn, Putney,VT (They will also give a discount if you tell them you are coming for one of my workshops)

Hickory Ridge House, Putney, VT

Riverside Hotel, Chesterfield, NH