About Dena

Dena Moses: Artists Statement

“We have all experienced fiber from the moment we were born and wrapped in a baby blanket. We wear fibers, walk on them, hang them on our walls. This familiarity, along with fiber’s tactile quality give us an emotionally intimate context in which to experience a work. I feel intimacy is crucial for an effective piece; a way to experience work from the inside, to merge with it. Weaving has come as a gift to me. Somewhere deep down, I have always been a weaver. The feeling of threads running through my fingers, the motion of the shuttle going back and forth are in my body, found in the way that my body will find a move in dance. The process of learning to weave felt like rediscovering something I knew a long, long time ago.

Being part of this world means having an impact on everything I come into contact with. At its best, every moment is both a teaching and a learning experience. I create because I must. My art comes out of my center and I work towards integrating the different parts of my art with my life so they both become reflections of each other. I share my work with the hope that it will spark something deep inside you—that it will inspire you to look around and notice the little things and remember the divinity of the earth and how we are all here to share this beauty in whatever way we can.”